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Board of Directors

2023 Board of Directors
President: Jo Ann Ellison
Vice President: Kim Klindworth
Treasurer: Rick Carlson
Secretary: Bonnie Buntain

A Letter from the First President of the GLAAS Club
Clifton Leatherwood

Congratulations on 10 years of service, potlucks and fun.  Thanks to all the officers, committee volunteers; members and allies.  Without all of you along the way, this group could not have been the success it has become.  

When we still lived there, a new member once told me they had seen GLAAS listed in the organizations available to homeowners and it was the clincher that sold them on living in SaddleBrooke. It could not have made me happier or more proud.

Continue all the good works and keep the membership growing.  You’ve come a long way since our initial meeting where we hashed out [the following issues]

Would it even fly? 

Were there enough lgbtqs+ to even keep it going if we did start? 

Would we be harassed? 

Would the decision makers in the office allow us to be listed? 

What would the function of the organization be? 

Could we come up with a name that would get people’s attention? 

We had a lot more questions. We had so much to talk about [we] met again the next week to actually plan what we’d become as a club.  There was a lot of work getting set up.  But thanks to people in the know in SaddleBrooke, we got off the ground and from what I hear, the club is a going concern.  

So… best wishes for much success in the club’s future.  I hope you all continue to grow and do good things.  (Especially supporting those newcomers to SaddleBrooke and the youth in greater Tucson). 

Best wishes,

Your first president,
Clifton Leatherwood 

First President of Glaas - Clif